Massage and Body Treatments

Preparing for your session: For your first appointment please arrive 10-15 minutes early for paperwork and intake. Each subsequent visit please arrive at least 5 minutes early for intake. Please do not wear heavy makeup, tanning lotion, or exfoliate aggressively before coming as this might aggravate your skin.

After your session: Hydration is important to flush toxins that have been released during your massage.  Drink plenty of water. Soreness after deep work is common. You may be sore up to 3 or 4 days. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any  concerns!

If you have any questions about the treatments or need a time/day not listed through our online booking system please don't hesitate to email us!

Traditional Style Lomilomi Massage            


Traditional Style Lomilomi massage

Lomi works with long flowing strokes to soothe the body and connect to the mind. Working with what we find in the body, this is a completely customized massage that will differ slightly each time depending on what issues are found or voiced.

60 min $60          75min $75          90min $90         120 min $120 *

* tax not included*



Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage can be beneficial for the expectant mother not only for relaxation of the physical body but also for the energetic body and mind. We have a special pillow that allows all mom's to be to lie face down from 6 weeks to 40 weeks.  Sidelying is also available if preferred.

60 min $60          75min $75          90 min $90*

*tax not included*



Lymphatic detox massage

This treatment is designed to focus on flushing out the Lymphatic system thus detoxifying the body. Using short light strokes we pump the lymph from the feet up to the clavicle, to encourage the body to expel toxins from the system. Some may feel groggy after the session from the release and hydration after is strongly encouraged. Please call for additional details as this may not be indicated for every body.

75min $75*          90min $90*

*tax not included*



Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is the "yoga" of massage.  Lying fully clothed on a mat on the floor we take you through a series of positions that relax and rejuvenate while working on increasing flexibility, range of motion, and overall well being.

90min $110*        120min $140*

*tax not included*


Third eye treatment


Coming Soon! This westernized version of the traditional Indian treatment works to quiet the mind and balance the doshas.  In 120 minutes we investigate what might be bringing you out of balance, complete a full body 60minute massage that is designed to calm the out of balance dosha and then stream warm oil over your third eye for the ultimate relaxation experience. Give yourself extra time after to enjoy a balancing tea and come back to earth.