Traditional Style Lomilomi 

Lomilomi is traditional massage modality from Hawaii. This is our most common massage performed at MBW.  Using long flowing strokes, 1,2,3,4 rhythmic movements, compression, deep tissue manipulation, joint confusion and stretching we work with what we find in the body to alleviate common aches and pains, chronic issues and take relaxation to a whole new level. 

Traditional Style Lomilomi is derived from the 3 styles of Lomilomi that were handed down to us from Aunty Suzi Ko. These family styles are from Aunty Margaret Machado, Papa K. Kepilino and Kahu Sam Lono. 

These styles have been passed down through different families from generation to generation. Each family on the islands has its own version of Lomi as it was often just done in the home on other family members. There were masters of Lomi- Kumu Lomilomi, as well as Kahuna Lomi; from you could get training from. Unfortunately the old ways of master/apprentice are all but lost, and people are saying they are “Lomi master” after a weekend workshop. That’s not how it should work. It takes years of practice and diligent study to even begin to scratch the surface of what Lomi entails as it is a spiritual practice as well as a physical massage. 

Lomi is lot more than just a massage- we break up what is found, move it, enhance the flow of energy and circulation, open joints, and get down to where you need it to be. We never work with a set plan, we work on what we find, moving from the left shoulder down to the left foot, and then back down the right side whole. 

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Session Prices

60 minutes $65 *

75 minutes $75*

90 minutes $95*

120 minutes $125*

* tax of 7.875% not included in sessions price*