Tell us what YOU want!
Tell us what YOU want!
We are planning to expand our services menu in 2017 and would love to know what you are thinking. Complete the survey below to help us decide what services and amenities to bring to Menari Body Works (MBW) When you are done hit SUBMIT and receive a special code for a discount on your next service!
I would like to receive facial services at MBW
I would book an exfoliating scrub at MBW, but need a shower after
I would book an exfoliating body scrub with salt
I would book an exfoliating body scrub with sugar
I would book an exfoliating body scrub with bamboo
A mud wrap for detoxification interests me
A seaweed detox wrap interests me
MBW needs a specialized foot treatment add on
MBW needs a dry brushing add on (dry brushing helps to exfoliate the skin, aid in detoxification, and enhance function of the lymphatic system)
Paraffin Hand Treatment During massage (Your hands are submerged in warm liquid wax, and the wax then hardens slightly on your skin and is removed after a few minutes. The paraffin wax helps deep-moisturize and condition the skin on your hands, and your nails and cuticles) Yes Please!
Paraffin Foot treatment during my massage? ( Warm Paraffin wax is put on your feet for deep moisturizing effects on the skin and cuticles.) Yes Please!
I would like hot towels at the end of the treatment
I would use a steam room at MBW
I would use a sauna at MBW
A locker room would be great!
I would go/already go to a full service day spa in Mankato
I would also see a different therapist other than Olivia at MBW
I only want to see Olivia for massage/ body treatments
Thai massage interests me
Ayurvedic treatments (Using Indian traditions of holistic healing to balance the doshas- elements of body composition/disposition- and to quiet the mind with warm oil treatment on the third eye) interest me
Further Suggestions? We'd love to hear! Use the space below to tell us: