Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a very unique moment in our lives. With all the joys that come with it, it can still be taxing on the body. Our Prenatal massage is special in that we have a lie-flat pillow system that allows you to have your belly suspended and off the table while you are face down like a regular massage. This enables us to give a "regular" massage while baby gets a chance to move about and reposition. Of course extra care is taken on the low back and hip areas (subject to separate waiver) and after you turn over we have pillows to prop you up so that you are not flat on your back. You can use this pillow system all the way up to day of delivery as long as it is comfortable for you! 

We do also offer to perform the massage side-lying if you find the pillows uncomfortable. 



Session Prices

60 minutes $65 *

75 minutes $75 *

90 minutes $95*

*tax of 7.875% not included in session prices*