Thai Massage

Thai Massage is often called the "yoga of massage". This is because we take you through a series of poses that work on the ligaments as well as the muscle bellies. This style is methodical, rhythmic, purposeful. Starting slowly we warm up the tissues before performing any of the "big lifts". Be prepared to feel a little like Gumby! In this style of massage therapists use their hands, feet, knees, elbows, to apply pressure and you might find yourself lying there asking "how is she doing that?". Don't worry. We are highly trained professionals! 

Thai massage is great for those who needs LOTS of pressure and can be incredibly benefitial for those with poor stretch reflex, very tight tissues and in need of serious hip/leg work. Each session is customized to your needs! 

Come try it! 

Thai Massage is performed on a memory foam mat on the floor with clothing ON. 

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session prices


90 minutes $95*

120 minutes $125*

*tax of 7.375% not included in session prices*