What is Lomilomi?

Lomilomi is traditional massage modality from Hawaii. It has been passed down through different families from generation to generation. Each family on the islands has its own version of Lomi as it was often just done in the home on other family members. Still there were masters of Lomi- Kumu Lomilomi, as well as Kahuna Lomi; from you could get training from. In those days you had to be chosen for your innate gifts for the healing arts as Lomi is much more than just a massage. There are spiritual aspects of Lomi as well as herbs and counselling that complete the treatment traditionally. Now a-days people see it as a massage, and there are still many family styles of Lomi out there being taught. Unfortunately the old ways of master/apprentice are all but lost, and people are saying they are “Lomi master” after a weekend workshop. That’s not how it should work. It takes years of practice and diligent study to even begin to scratch the surface of what Lomi entails.

It can be difficult to describe the massage as every family has their own method of the body work. I have had the privilege to learn from a teacher who still follows the old ways and I have been her apprentice for over 8 years now, (believe me- that’s nothing! I still have a ways to go!) She carries for Papa K Kepilino, and Aunty Margaret Machado, to name a few. The style that I practice is based mostly off of these two family styles with a smidgen of Temple thrown in.

Within these styles there are the 1,2,3,4, strokes; rhythmic like the ocean and always moving towards the heart with a pumping motion. Then there are forearm strokes which can also characterize the Lomi style. Gentle yet deep, they are more effective than deep tissue alone. Also you will find joint mobilization, joint distraction, and stretching; things that you would need to combine massage styles to find in a normal session. So Lomi is everything and it’s own thing. To work traditionally a practitioner would also employ the use of herbs, and counselling to truly be effective in relieving the client’s complaint.


Menari Body Works is located at 709 South Front Street Suite 5, shared with  Mankato Acupuncture Clinic.


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"Menari" is Bahasa Indonesian for "to dance"  and as Lomilomi comes from  the hula it reminds us of where we come from and to keep flowing in our work.



We are open by appointment Monday- Saturday.

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Olivia Hageman- Founder, Lomilomi Style Practitioner, CMT, Lomilomi Style Instructor

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